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Manual_tokens #

Tokens Reference


Actions like replying, voting, configuring, etc. is done with text-based tokens.

A token is just a bit of text which tells the system to do something.

For example, you may submit a "my name is ..." token to share your name.

Other examples include title: ...

A #hashtag is also a type of token you may already be familiar with.

The rest of this document is a reference of tokens the system supports.

If you want to learn more about this system, this is a good place to look.

If something is unclear, please comment with your question.


Example: >>0123456789abcdef

On a line by itself, this will reference the message which has that identifier.)

The reply token is used in conjunction with either reply text or other tokens.

For example, the "title:" token, used with a reply token, will suggest that title for the item referenced.


The #config and #resetconfig tokens allow changing configuration.

Example: #config html/avatar_icons 1

Example: #config string/en/page_intro/post dc4f0b7833c04bcdf0a5e89b4be6bc9e11a1518f

Example: #resetconfig string/en/page_intro/post

Settings under the admin/ tree are always restricted to admin users.

Notes: Value is a string. If value looks like an item identifier, a lookup will be attempted. If the item is found, its contents will be used as the value.

Restricted to admin users, unless
config/setting/anyone_can_config=1 and/or
config/setting/signed_can_config=1 and/or


The title token changes the item's title.


title: this is the title

If it is used in a reply, it is applied to the PARENT item, to make it easier to re-title things.

Otherwise, it applies to the current item, and can be placed anywhere, including the "header-footer".


Example: #meta

Translates to vote being added to parent.

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