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people.sql #

		author_alias AS person_name,
		COUNT(author_key) AS author_key_count,
		MAX(author_seen) AS author_seen,
		SUM(author_score) AS author_score,
		SUM(item_count) AS item_count
	FROM author_flat
	WHERE author_key IN (SELECT author_key FROM person_author)
	GROUP BY author_alias
	person_name != ''
	AND author_key_count >= 1
	AND author_score >= 0

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7fbe2869 Ilya Gulko 1 approve; flag +cart 903C98D8B2BAAB65
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1cabb5ed Guest C98348E0933ABA2C approve; vouch; flag +cart 1
fb00a0f5 Guest DD644B6EA244B3B5 approve; vouch; flag +cart 2
a8d2248a Guest 9385BF91E5D797C4 approve; vouch; flag +cart 1
63b53d70 Guest DD024D87224130D4 approve; vouch; flag +cart 1
0e1f609b Guest C3AD55675C0F3BB3 approve; vouch; flag +cart 7
9fbedc20 Guest 40F6C9A6A1B70ABC approve; vouch; flag +cart 12
d0054ff8 Guest C1D5685BA5FBF0B9 approve; vouch; flag +cart 1
fff9b951 Guest DE9D12F4D04BC9C9 approve; vouch; flag +cart 3
25a1a8be Guest 905AAFC00C4FF6EC approve; vouch; flag +cart 1
9d3151a3 Guest 8BB17D510C31BAE8 approve; vouch; flag +cart 2
73f550cf Guest 5B39E9E415188DCD approve; vouch; flag +cart 1
f9e7993e Guest 60800F831CD4B52F approve; vouch; flag +cart 1
1b308947 Guest 049856EDFDCD032D approve; vouch; flag +cart 1
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